Sunday, November 13, 2011

Reviews of FlightTrack For BlackBerry Update Show UI Images

An application to find out flight info has been released. This application offers a track every aspect of domestic and international flights with real-time updates and maps a good flight. FlightTrack app is named. In the version update FlightTrack update the display until the delays and flight cancellations, so that we can book an alternative flight.

FlightTrack is a BlackBerry application that has been updated with a revamped UI and a few new features include: We can share with friends, about the flight info to friends, fixes bugs, display an attractive user interface, supported by BIS connectivity, alternative flight search feature, dikala our departure delayed, supporting information on hundreds of airports and others.

This application is available at  Appworld, and for you who want to use it on the BlackBerry, it should be using OS 5.0 upwards to obtain this application.

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