Sunday, November 13, 2011

Reviews of FlightTrack For BlackBerry Update Show UI Images

An application to find out flight info has been released. This application offers a track every aspect of domestic and international flights with real-time updates and maps a good flight. FlightTrack app is named. In the version update FlightTrack update the display until the delays and flight cancellations, so that we can book an alternative flight.

FlightTrack is a BlackBerry application that has been updated with a revamped UI and a few new features include: We can share with friends, about the flight info to friends, fixes bugs, display an attractive user interface, supported by BIS connectivity, alternative flight search feature, dikala our departure delayed, supporting information on hundreds of airports and others.

This application is available at  Appworld, and for you who want to use it on the BlackBerry, it should be using OS 5.0 upwards to obtain this application.

Trick for Troubleshooting CPU Usage 100% on Explorer.exe

At some time ago I can e-mail containing a question about computer problems that the core question is as follows: 

"Why is the process explorer.exe services CPUnya Usage always 100%" 

Having never experienced, then try to find solutions to these problems along with stained gugel. From the search results solving the problems that I do, it turns out it was caused by a disturbance in the windows which caused windows explorer to read the entire contents of the AVI file that caused by a problem in shmedia.dll. And ways to overcome this is as below: 

Login to the windows regedit by typing regedit in the run menu and then press enter. 
Sign in HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT \ CLSID \ {c5a40261-cd64-4ccf-84cb-c394da41d590} \ InProcServer32 
Right click on the InProcServer32 then select Export and save (it is used for backing up files InProcServer32 and can be used to restore kekondisi before changed) 
Remove the InProcServer32 key (this is intended to prevent the windows explorer in running shmedia.dll) 
Close the editor window tegistry 
Restart the computer. 
For the above trick might not work because I myself have never experienced and have not tried it myself directly. If not managed to return again with a backup regedit that has been made earlier by double clicking on the backup that you saved. Can also try to scan from Grisoft's AVG antivirus, or use tools such as Norman malware malware remover cleaner and Hijack this and should be done in SAFE MODE condition. 

For those who have problems like the above, after trying to trick it, requested to give his experience in the comments box below, to the tune still useful to computer users who experience the same problem. 

Hopefully useful ...

Tips for Enabling Features Windows 7 Aero Snap

One of the advantages of aero windows 7 is a snap. As the name implies aero snap feature can create a regular window on the left or right edge of the taskbar or your monitor. Thus we can see a window or window is currently active. If there are two active window, then it could be seen a second window or the window on the left and right.

The trick is to click and drag the selected window and left click and drag the other window to right. Can also use the commands from the keyboard. Click the window that will snap to the left, then press the [windows] [left arrow]. Click the window only then press the [windows] [Right arrow]. Then the two windows will be visible all and divided equally. If you click and drag a window towards the top right corner, then automatically the window or windows will be maximize.

To maximize can be done with a combination of the [windows] [Up arrow], and to minimize using the key combination [Windows] [down arrow]

To enable this feature can aero snap followed the steps as follows:
Click the start menu and type regedit and press enter
In the registry editor window, go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Control Panel \ Desktop
In the right pane locate and double-click WindowArrangementActive
The contents of the data value to 1 then click OK
To disable the aero snap feature content of its data value to 0
Close the registry editor window
Restart or log off computers.

How to Change the Background Screen Log on Windows 7

Log on screen usually appears when booting windows or be shutdown. Background on the log on screen can be replaced with other images as you wish. For example a picture of yourself or landscape pictures and so forth so that it can make the characteristic that it is you own computer.

In windows 7, background or image log on screen can be replaced by:

Click start and type regedit then press enter to enter the registry editor window
Once the registry editor window opens, go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Authentication \ LogonUI \ Background
In the right pane, locate and double-click on OEMBackground and then change the value data to 1.
If there is no OEMBackground can make your own by right click> New> DWORD Value 32-bit> rename it OEMBackground.
Close the regedit window.
Prepare images to be used as background log on screen. Image with size 24 bit color depth and file size should not exceed 256 KB.
Name the image file with the name BackgroundDefault.jpg. To change the format and image size could be a friend to use the program or image processing applications.
Copy and paste the picture on the directory C: \ Windows \ System32 \ oobe \ info \ backgrounds. If no please make your own.
Close the active window and restart or log off computers. When the Windows log on background that buddy pairs had appeared.

How? able and easy is not it??!! If not successful, or friend would like a more simple and easy, without opening the registry and no image format, just a few clicks have become, my friend can use the software to modify and change the background log on screen on windows 7. To compensate for shobat download on the link below.

Link download software to change the background log on screen:

News of Give Access Control Onkyo iPhone Music Wirelessly

Onkyo has just released a new application for use on the iPhone and iPod Touch. This new application will have features that are able to control the music wirelessly and some components in multiroom setup. If you were able to visit iTunes, you can search for this application with the name Onkyo Remote 2.

Onkyo Remote 2 is able to control the receiver's network, following the TX-8050 Stereo Receiver Network. In addition, this application also allows iPhone and iPod Touch control the internet radio, access your digital music collection and some other functions.

This application also has the appearance of a new interface with buttons play, stop, skip, and pause, following the volume, bass treble, mode and input source.

Best Virus Detection by Av Comparatives

To complement the results of various tests by Antivirus before, this time we see test results from AV-Comparatives (independent institutions that also do a test antivirus) recently. Av-Comparatives test include: on-demand detection (test with a direct sample virus scan), False Alarm, Speed ​​Test and Proactive test.

Last test was in August 2008 his report yesterday and last updated 15 September 2008. This test focuses on the ability to detect viruses, error detection (false alarm) and scan speed. What antivirus are tested and what were the results?
The following list of antivirus products tested by Av-comparatives:

Avast Professional Edition 4.8.1229
AVG Anti-Virus 8.0.156
AVIRA AntiVir Premium
11.0.17 BitDefender Anti-Virus
eScan Anti-Virus 9.0.824.217
ESET NOD32 Antivirus 3.0.669.0
F-Secure Anti-Virus 9.00.148
G DATA AntivirusKit (AVK)
Kaspersky Anti-Virus
McAfee VirusScan Plus 12.1.110
Microsoft Live OneCare 2.5.2900.03
Norman Antivirus & AntiSpyware 7:10
Sophos Endpoint Protection 7.5.1
Symantec Norton Anti-Virus
Trustport Antivirus
VBA32 Scanner for Windows

How much malware sampled?
Total malware sampled is 1,190,818, with the following details:

Windows Virus: 42,845
Macro Viruses: 2571
Script malware: 10,405
Worms: 63,115
Backdoors / bots: 256,749
Trojans: 707 230
Other malware: 13,287

How The result?
The final result (total) level of virus detection is as follows:

The total capacity
detect (1,190,818 malware sample)
No Default Settings Setting the Best Products
1. AVIRA 99.2% 99.6%
2. GData (AVK) 99.1% 99.5%
3. Symantec 97.9% 99.0%
4. Avast 97.3% 98.7%
5. Trustport 97.2% 98.7%
6. Kaspersky 95.1% 97.6%
7. AVG 94.3% 97.3%
8. ESET NOD32 93.0% 96.6%
9. BitDefender 92.4% 96.4%
10. F-Secure 91.1% 95.8%
11. eScan 91.0% 95.7%
12. Sophos 90.1% 95.3%
13. Norman 88.5% 94.5%
14. Microsoft 84.6% 92.6%
15. McAfee 84.4% 92.5%
16. VBA32 71.9% 86.5%

Another test was performed to detect errors and Scan Speed ​​(complete results please see the web site av-comparatives). 

For products with a rating of Advanced +, AV-comparative include in the category of very high level of detection rate (the ability to detect very high). Yet there are other things that also need to be viewed / considered as false alarms, quality support, ease of usage, memory usage / CPU and others.
For more results, including error detection and scan speed please look directly at the web site Report just download it in PDF format. To test the form of Proactive / Restropective Test (ability to detect new viruses) will be done 3 months later. Hopefully this article helpful