Thursday, November 10, 2011

News of Xperia and Xperia Acro PlayStation Arc Get Certification

Looks like the PlayStation itself now no longer, and became the only gadget or game consoles that can play games typical of Sony. The news that said, saying that the Sony Ericsson Xperia Acro Arc and has been certified PlayStation, and allows for dozens of new games that will be adjusted (and available) for the Arc and Acro in particular.

Perhaps this is one way Sony to remain the best, and as the developer of the best gaming console. Moreover, after the acquisition, from Sony Ericsson to some time ago. And for fans of the game and Play or Xperia Acro users especially will enjoy the experience of playing games from their smartphone.

Issue of Samsung Use Windows 8 For PC

Samsung has announced plans to release Windows 8 for the PC in mid-2012. The company is currently working on a modified version of Samsung laptops that are being optimized. Microsoft introduced Windows 8 in September. The company is reportedly handing out copies of the OS for the Samsung Series 7 to be distributed to the developers.

Thousands of developers expected to showcase his ability to try out "daleman" from Windows 8 on this Samsung. Samsung itself, launched the latest model of the Series 7 laptop, which is named Chronos, earlier this year. Samsung is also challenged by issuing a MacBook Air laptop tertipisnya. Although it is true, it unclear whether Samsung will put Windows 8 on the PC or laptop. Microsoft also has not released the exact time when Windows 8 released. We wait and see.

Trick to Looking for Product ID in App World for BlackBerry

There's a little trick to see a product ID of the application. RIM has been hiding a small popup on App World that allows us to find an application, games, or themes using the product ID. We can find the product ID applications with ease because of the number at the end of the URL for each application in the App World.

For example, ID App for Facebook for BlackBerry is 680 which can easily be seen in the URL. To easily search for an ID in the App World is actually quite easy. With metahan the ALT key while pressing the letter STST, then the popup seen above.

So what's the point of this little trick?. This is useful for some things, like finding an application that is not compatible with your BlackBerry device or applications that have not cleared all of its cache App World.

Download Blue Bird Application For BlackBerry Update to Version 1.2.113

After the Blue Bird Group on August 2, 2011 at the headquarters of the Blue Bird in the number of South Jakarta Raya Mampang Prapatan launch the application that called the Blue Bird Group Taxi Reservation Mobile for BlackBerry, now the application has just released the newest update to version 1.2.113. This application can be used to help you make a reservation taxi in Jakarta area more easily, from anywhere and display the position of the taxi on the map. Search the taxi will be immediately started from the most closest around us.

Blue Bird Is the application of this help you? if yes, you can download the application updates via App World for free or via the link below.

Download Free Office Application Suite Kingsoft Office 2012

no doubt that Microsoft Office is probably the most complete office applications, worth the price. Alternatives free office most of us probably use OpenOffice or LibreOffice. But, now increased by one again paid a freeware office software (free), which is Kingsoft Office Suite Free 2012.

Finding office applications that can replace Microsoft Office is not easy. In terms of features, OpenOffice / LibreOffice may be said fairly complete, but in terms of appearance or the interface is still not as easy as using Word or Excel (not userfriendly). But it seems that impression will change when using Kingsoft Office Suite Free 2012.

Kingsoft Office application of these had previously been paid applications for around $ 69.95, but is now released for free (Free). Kingsoft Office Suite Free 2012 does not use the view "Ribbon" typical office 2007 or 2010, but still use a view like Office XP or 2003. But it did not matter, because most of us still seem to get used to using Office 2003 look, let alone the menus are very familiar (user friendly).

In this package included three applications, namely Word Processing, Spreadsheets and Presentation. Each includes a feature similar to microsoft word, excel and powerpoint. Despite the relatively small size of the installation, but these features are included so much, even compatible with Microsoft Office 97.2000, 2003, 2007 and 2010.

Here are some excellent features Kingsoft Office Suite Free 2012:

Views are userfriendly, very similar to Microsoft Office 2003
Strong Compatibility, Compatible (can open, edit and save) MS Office Word documents (. Doc,. Docx), Excel (. Xls,. Xlsx) and Powerpoint (. Ppt,. Pptx) both versions 97/2000/2003/2007 or 2010.
Already integrated with PDF Converter, to convert documents into PDF
Automatic Spell check
Multiple document tabs, open multiple documents in tabs such as web browsers
Protection of documents with encryption (password-document)
Ease of set up tables in the document, with the shortcut when editing table
Lightweight when open and running, 3 apps with installation size of only about 70 MB
The above features are just some advantages or superior features than any other office applications. For the features of each application, Kingsoft Office 2012 Suite Free features include a very large (eg only for Kingsoft Writer, there are 15 toolbars that we can show or hide, for there are many functions for Spreadsheet calculations of various data) and I am sure will meet the need our daily usage.
Compared with other free Office applications such as OpenOffice, Ashampoo Office, or the like, I see this is indeed the most complete applications, especially with its userfriendly display (very similar to MS Office 2003). So for those who seek an alternative to MS Office, this program is the right choice.
This office applications can be installed on Windows 2000/Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7, with minimal CPU Pentium II 266 MHz 128 MB RAM and 200 MB hard disk space.

Download : office_suite_free_2012.exe (68.3 MB)

Repair Damaged Windows with Windows Repair

When Windows XP, 2003, Vista, 2008 or 7 having problems, sometimes not easy to overcome. Both these problems arise due to the virus (malware), conflict or for other applications. However, there is a small application, free and portable that we can use to overcome these problems, namely Windows Repair (All is One).
Previously I've also portable software review & free from Simple Performance Boost, to improve performance (speed) computer. Now we'll review some other useful software to repair damaged windows, namely Windows Repair (All in One). Windows Repair software is designed to overcome various problems in Windows, either Windows XP, 2003, Vista, 2008 and 7. Provided 4-step explanations and recommendations before we perform a repair (repair windows). Here's an explanation of each step are provided:

Step 1 Here is explained prior to repair windows, it must be ensured that the computer is virus free (malware). Because if the computer is still infected with the virus, most likely repair process will not succeed, could even be worse. To ensure a clean computer, recommended 3 programs:
Malwarebytes (free scanner for malware / virus)
TDDS Rootkit Remover
Microsoft Security Essentials (free antivirus from Microsoft)

Step 2 Step Optional (can be done or not, but if there are problems with file permissions are strongly advised to do so), the check of the Windows File System Error. This step will perform Check Disk (CHKDSK) and will be done after restarting the computer first. Just click the "Do it" in Step 2 if you want to check the disk.

Step 3 Step Optional (can be done or not), which checks the system files windows will likely have a damaged, error or not the same version. This step can sometimes mengetasi various windows problems.

System File Check will scan the files with windows and compare the original file (original). For Windows XP and 2003, required CD Master windowsnya, while for Windows Vista, Windows 7 and newer does not require a CD / DVD.
Step 4 Step Options (optional), the System Restore, either create a new system restore (Create) or open systems that have been saved by clicking "Restore"

Start Menu major repairs to make repairs windows. Fuller discussion at the bottom.

More Details with Process Repais

When we have understood or considered to be essential steps from step 1 to step 4, then the last step is to make improvements (from the Start tab Repairs). Here we are given three choices: Basic Mode, Advanced Mode and Custom Mode. When the select one menu then click "start", will pop up a window that displays what steps will be done (we can also manually choose or not).

Here's a more detailed explanation of what to do and where needed:
Reset Registry Permissions: Restoring registry permissions problem to its original state. Done if there are problems such as failing to install software, windows update fails, the registry is not accessible and others. This process can take a little longer, depending on the number of registry and the CPU
Reset File Permissions, this step will restore the file permissions problem by giving full permissions on the C drive for administrator, system and registered users. Done if there are problems such as: can not install applications, updates, program error, no roads and other services
Register System Files, will enroll (register) the various DLL and OCX files in System32 and the SysWOW64 folder. This is done if there is a problem in terms of registering the files in windows system folder.
Repair WMI, fix Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) is used by a variety of other applications such as Windows Firewall and Windows Action Center
Repair Windows Firewall, to repair windows firewaall useful to prevent connections from the outside to the computer without our knowledge
Repair Internet Explorer, to correct the error if IE is still using this browser
Repair MS MDAC & Jet, to fix if a program or database applications that require MDAC and MS Jet problematic.
Hosts File Repair, repair the hosts file which sometimes changed or edited by the virus (malware).
Remove Policies Set By Infections, returns to the beginning of a variety of settings, such as Task Manager can not run, missing desktop display, no roads and other exe. Suitable for repair after the computer is infected with virus
Repair Icons, if not properly display icon or just a blank or white only, select this repair.
Repair Winsock & DNS Cache, to fix the connection problem or damaged tissue. As such we can not connect to the network or the internet but had no problem
Remove Temp Files, more towards cleaning windows by deleting temporary files that are not used anymore (temporary files), the virus sometimes also at this location
Proxy Settings Repair, Fix the problem proxy (proxy will be turned off), such as we are not able to connect to certain websites
Non unhide System Files, will display the windows files are hidden by the virus / malware that should not the file system.
Repair Windows Update, to fix if windows update can not run properly
If you have selected the options that will do repairs (repair), then we just click the "Start" and wait for the process.

Download Windows Repair (all in One) ( 595 KB)

Monitor the Condition of HDD with Acronis Drive Monitor

Hard drive is one component of a computer / pc that needs to be guarded condition, especially if it contains in it many of our important data or documents that may be worth far more than the hard disk itself. How can we monitor the condition (health) hard drive in our computers?

Damage to the hard drive is a lot happening for some people, ranging from mild to severe. The existence of bad sectors on hard drives can be fatal, because the necessary data which may be the result of many months or even years can go away.To prevent and monitor the condition of the hard drive, one of the free software we can use the Acronis Drive Director. With this software we are helped by the absence of a warning when the disk starts problematic. Not only that, this software will monitor things like temperature, an error reading or writing, the total running time, and others. With this early warning, then we can immediately secure the necessary data and possibly replace with a new hard drive preparation.Download Acronis Drive Monitor
Although free, but to get the software that measures approximately 18 MB of this we must register the name, origin and email address. I check the download link from cnet and softpedia also seemed to require registration. Therefore we just downloaded from Acronis official website (link at the bottom). From the download page select sja Home Users
After fill in the name front, back, home and email address, we will be offered whether to include additional software (Acronis True Image, is not free but trial / experiment). So we choose the download option at no extra by click the Continue button without adding. After that the download will begin.Use
After the download is complete, install on your computer. Once the program installed on your computer and run there will be 3 main menu, namely the disk, backup and Critical events. For the backup menu, will not be discussed, because of backups here and do not require other software included in this application.
Disk menu is the main menu, we will be served a variety of information on the computer hard drive, such as temperature (in Celsius or Fahrenheit, can be arranged through the options), the power on, hard drive health, SMART monitoring and status of each of the parameters, and events. If the temperature of your hard drive or abnormal conditions, this application will give a warning.
Critical Event of the menu, we can see if there are events that indicate the error data (read or write) that is detected by the Windows Event Log. Double-click any message to get more detailed information.This software is quite useful especially for those who use a computer with a hard working high so we need to get a warning if the temperature is too high hard drive, hard drive to prevent damage or data loss. This software live install and run, because we do not need to set a lot of things, maybe just change the temperature from Fahrenheit to Celsius only.The downside of this software in my opinion is the download process which must go through registration and file sizes are rather large for such monitoring features. Alternatively, we could use a similar free software, namely CrystalDiskInfo. We do not need to register to use this software and its size is only about 1.6 MB.

Download Acronis Drive Monitor (18.1 MB)