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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Trick for Panasonic Projector Direct Connect Without Cables by Apple Devices

Late last September I had the opportunity to try new types of Panasonic projectors, PT-FW430EA. These projectors have the specs: 3 LCD Technology, 3500 ANSI lumens, resolution wideXGA, 330W power consumption, and weight of 6kg. This projector has the advantage to be able to connect wirelessly (wireless) with additional wireless module WM200-shaped USB dongle that can be purchased separately.

I am guessing this projector comes on the market to replace the model PT-FW300NT who also berspesifikasi 3500lumens, wideXGA, and also can connect wirelessly to the source. Different from his first Panasonic to make 2 different models for the wireless and not. (NT for wireless and EA are not), but now they only make one model, but with additional wireless module that can be purchased separately.


First open the boxes contained books manuals, warranty cards Gobel, filled plastic power cable, and remote projector, cardboard blocks in the partition, just underneath there is a projector on a white plastic wrap. FW430 found in the middle of the lens and can be in shear-shear (Lens shift) to facilitate the adjustment of images without having to highlight sliding projectors whose size is large enough. Additional input is quite interesting in this is the HDMI projectors to display images in HD resolution of the laptop, Bluray player,
or PS3, which is usually rare pinning Panasonic HDMI port if not in its series of home theater projector.

Wireless connections.

To be able to deliver images without cables in need WM200 wireless module, a USB dongle, I was looking for a place to plug WM200 USB port is that it turns out there on the right side rear body + projectors and require a screwdriver to open the first. There's a reason Panasonic also make designs like this, because in addition to not make a USB dongle stand out in the body projectors, use this dongle for fixed and long term, so it will not be lost because it was installed neatly. Because it needs for the presentation using the iPad, then my previous
already download Panasonic Wireless Projector for IOS on the App Store using the iPad. Select the input network on the projector, then turn on WiFi on the iPad to then choose the Panasonic Display 1 and enable the Auto Join the list of networks.

JPEG and PDF images can deliver easily from the iPad and ('ve tried also with the iPod Touch) by Panasonic Projector PT-FW430 this. I also took time to try the features side by side which can display two images from different input (but does not work using wireless) from the VGA and HDMI, display it in two windows side by side in one screen. Quite interesting I just found a projector that can connect the apple.


1. The first projector with the app in the app store apple device that can connect wirelessly.

2. The main features of the iPad is a "style" presentation in which people can carry it while on. What is its presentation in order to use his iPad but iPad should plug in the projector.

3. Optional wireless and no. If you want to just buy a wireless dongle wireless it, do not need to buy another projector.

4. Gobel authorized warranty service center which means the network of integrated national scale. Panasonic Gobel yes. emphasize it.

5. On FW430 WXGA, XGA resolution was wide, so it is compatible with a wide view most notebooks today.

6. HDMI in, just be in the count for displaying HD images, although of course its use is not for home theater.

For the specification of Panasonic Projector PT-FW430EA can be directly downloaded in a PDF file Here

Download Software to Repair a Damaged Flash

Flash data storage devices are very popular. Sometimes, although not having their own computers, but most have a flash. In addition to an already very affordable price, this flash is very lightweight and simple to carry anywhere, because of the small.

In certain circumstances, sometimes we think a flash is already damaged and can not be used anymore, ie such as the following conditions:
When the flash is in the plug, lead in the flash lamp burns continuously not blinking.
When the explorer, flash is detected, but when the notification appears click on "insert your device ... ..." Automatic flashdisk can not open content.
Also can not be formatted.
If shobat experienced anything like the above, do not be thrown away once flashdisk (give it to me ...). First try to fix the flash with the help of flash repair tools. Who knows could be normal again.

How it works is very simple and fast too. the stick is plugged in, then run the repair tool flash (no install), it will immediately detect the presence of the flash. Then came the command to format the flash (if there is data, then the data will be lost) and follow the instructions. After all done, time to try the flash that has been damaged before, how did it go? Hopefully my friend to be healthy and flash can be used again for storing important data. If you still can .. it can be brought to the handyman service or direct flash in the museum's alone.

When friends need repair flash tools can be downloaded at the link below.