Thursday, November 10, 2011

Issue of Samsung Use Windows 8 For PC

Samsung has announced plans to release Windows 8 for the PC in mid-2012. The company is currently working on a modified version of Samsung laptops that are being optimized. Microsoft introduced Windows 8 in September. The company is reportedly handing out copies of the OS for the Samsung Series 7 to be distributed to the developers.

Thousands of developers expected to showcase his ability to try out "daleman" from Windows 8 on this Samsung. Samsung itself, launched the latest model of the Series 7 laptop, which is named Chronos, earlier this year. Samsung is also challenged by issuing a MacBook Air laptop tertipisnya. Although it is true, it unclear whether Samsung will put Windows 8 on the PC or laptop. Microsoft also has not released the exact time when Windows 8 released. We wait and see.

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