Friday, November 18, 2011

Review of Sony Ericsson Xperia Active

Personalization of the smartphone Xperia Sony Ericsson Xperia increasingly evident from the presence of Active that is not only smart, but powerful when used in a variety of extreme situations. In the middle of the Android phone competition which sometimes looks very similar to each other, trying to give Sony Ericsson phone with the features and capabilities vary. Of course this will make Sony Ericsson mobile phone lovers are faithful in recognizing the Xperia smartphone line-up that comes with the Android OS.


At first glance you will see Active Xperia has a screen size is quite small from other Android phones. The reason Sony Ericsson chose 3-inch screen size for the Xperia with ease in mengenggam reason when you are in an unexpected situation. Although small, mobile screen Bravia Engine technology allows this phone using a wet-finger tracking system that will track where your fingers touch even when wet. Unfortunately, the LCD screen with a resolution of 320x480 Xperia Active rather difficult to see while in outdoor conditions.

We assess the design of Active pretty cool with the colors orange and blue stripes for Billabong edition. Tail tail strap made of iron to convince us with security when you use this phone in a variety of sports. Unfortunately the screen is pretty tiny bit difficult for us when typing a message or email.


Initially we had assumed that the screen used Active use of the Gorilla Glas technology that is proven successful in some handsets like the iPhone, however it turns out Sony Ericsson decided to use the services of Dragontail which is a competitor of Corning products. To protect dust and water to a depth of 1 meter, Sony Ericsson using a double back cover of each side is coated with rubber to maximize protection against pressure water, dust and shock.

The system adopted is quite simple, but proven effective in providing protection to critical components inside the phone. Not only that, Xperia Active have also been tested by a military institution that gave him a certificate IP67. This certificate states that have passed serangkaan Active tests began shocks and water pressure to a depth of 1 meter.

Although not as a military institution, but the crew taking the time to test the strength of the Active when splashed into the pond as deep as half a meter in an active call, and the result is quite satisfactory. After we picked up from the pond, our conversation continues uninterrupted by water pressure.

User Interface

For those of you who are familiar with Sony Ericsson mobile phones may not be too surprised with the look of Xperia Active homescreen is quite unique. As usual, each display on the homescreen equipped with four standard shortcuts such as Contacts, Phone, Message, and Apps. Perhaps the first 3 shortcut is not too different from any other phone homescreen, but for application shortcuts, Active complement this with four application shortcuts is a mainstay like iMapsfitness, Walkmate, and Android Music Guide.


Android is has provided a variety of sporting applications in Market. But usually to get the full version of the application, you should spend a little money again. But you do not have to be sad, because Active has equipped this device with 2 sports a fairly simple application like WalkMate and iMapFitness capable of counting calories and heart rate from a variety of sports.

In our opinion, Walkmate favorite applications which can be quite attractive and easier to use by various levels of society. This application serves as a step counter that works through motion sensors that will read each step you take.

You can make the target step could be to motivate you while jogging. However, this application is sufficient to squeeze the battery and Active will always warn you to turn off this current application does not detect motion within a certain period.


Of course with the ability to survive in different situations, very precise Active Xperia used by those who enjoyed sports. In addition, Active is also very suitable for users who have a reckless nature, who likes to drop the phone into the pool as we did. Two applications that have happened embbed quite helpful for beginners who have difficulty Android users looking for sports applications on the market.

(+) Waterproof and dust

(+) Preinstall fitness applications

(+) Cool design

(-) Small screen and the difficulty in outdoor


Network: GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900
3G HSDPA 1900 / 2100 / 800

OS Android OS, v2.3 (Gingerbread), planned upgrades to v4.0

Qualcomm MSM8255 CPU Snapdragon 1 GHz processor

Sony Sound enhancement xLOUD

Display: LED-backlit LCD, capacitive touchscreen, 16M colors
320 x 480 pixels, 3.0 inches (~ 192 ppi pixel density)

Camera 5 MP, 2592х1944 pixels, autofocus, LED flash

Dimensions: 92 x 55 x 16.5 mm

Weight: 110.8 g

Li-Ion Battery 1200 mAh

Tutorial for Restore the Settings Windows XP Services to Default

Setting services on a regular windows opened via the command [Run] by typing services.msc. Or it could also be opened via the Computer Management. Starting from the right click MyComputer> Manage. In the window that appears select the services and applications.

In the course of time we sometimes make changes to the startup type of services to enable the service to be automatic or manually change it from automatic to manual even possible to make it disable. This change was done for a specific purpose, which is to enable or make a specific service manual in accordance with our needs, or can we change it to disable the service because it is not necessary.

One example, because the computer is not connected to the Internet, the services 'computer browser' not needed anymore, then the user disable the service "computer browser", and so on. Disable unnecessary services that are usually also aims to improve performance rather than the computer.

To make changes to the way services are:
Double click on a service that will be changed or right click> properties.
In the window that appears select the one option on the startup type (automatic, manual, disabled)
Click [start] on the service status and then click [OK].

If you want to restore the settings windows xp services to default, my friend can do it manually (the file. Doc) or automatically (file. Reg). Please be downloaded here

Download Software to Find Out Bad Sectors or Bad Blocks on the Harddisk

Hard drive is one of the most important devices in a computer. Operating system, or data stored in the hard disk. But for some reason, the disk itself may be damaged so that we can not use. Therefore, we should still keep your hard drive does not become damaged. There are several ways to avoid damage to the hard drive, such as by creating partitions on the disk itself. However, the name of an object remains there age restrictions, although it has been maintained and cared for it will be damaged due to age.

Damage to the hard drive could be bad sectors or bad blocks. There are bad sectors even this level there is a permanent and some are not. To know that the disk is exposed to bad sectors, we sometimes find it difficult. Is usually done by opening a command [check now] through properties on the drive or partition that you want to do checks sectornya bad. The trick is:

Right-click on the partition that would in his check bad sectors> and then select Properties.
Properties window appears, on the tab [tools] click [check now].
In the window that appears check the [automatically fix file system errors] and [Scan for and Attempt recovery of bad sectors]> click start.

Besides using the above manner, can also be done by using software to find bad blocks or bad sectors on hard drive. DTI software is the artificial surface of scanner. If my friend interested can download or download it HERE.

Once installed, then run the program.
Select I agree to the disclaimer to continue the program
Click the Mount button to display a flat disk attached to the computer.
Select or click the hard disk and click the [scan] to start the bad blocks scanning.
In the event of bad sectors or bad blocks it will be seen in the bad blocks list.

Given the importance of the disk is We Can Itself should solve the problem of the hard drive.

How to Uninstall Programs in Safe Mode

Safe mode is one feature of the Windows operating system that is very useful to repair errors or problems that occur in the system, which can not be done at boot normally. Problem frequently encountered is usually the problems associated with viruses, or unstable system, computer hangs, computer can not boot normally. Many are recommended to perform a virus scan in safe mode condition, regedit change or it could be to restore the state before the problem / damage by using system restore.

To get in in safe mode can be done by pressing the F8 key on your keyboard when the computer is booting. By using the navigation buttons or the up and down arrows select safe mode and then press enter.

Under conditions of safe mode, not all features and services can be run as a normal condition at the time. For example, we can not do uninstall a program when in safe mode. This is because computers can not access windows installer service. If we do the uninstall command in a program in safe mode, then the message will appear as shown below.

"The windows installer service Could not be accessed. ... ... "

Well ... to be able to uninstall programs in safe mode condition, it is necessary to do a little setting in the registry editor.

Go into the registry editor by clicking Start, then type "regedit" and press enter.

Once the registry editor window appears, go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SYSTEM \ CurrentControlSet \ Control \ safeboot \ Minimal

Right-click on the folder minimal, then select New and click Key.

Give the name of that key with MSIService

In the right pane double click on default and change the value data to Service

Close the registry editor window.

To enable windows installer service in safe mode, or a friend need a freeware tool called SafeMSI. Download it at the link below.

After that double click on freeware, and now you have windows installer service is active.

Now my friend was able to uninstall programs in safe mode condition.

Link download SafeMSI