Thursday, November 17, 2011

News of Update 3.2 Honeycomb The Galaxy Tab 10.1 Pulled Back

Honeycomb Android 3.2 update for the Samsung GALAXY Tab 10.1 has been detained by Korea-based manufacturer. Tablet users have reported a problem with the Wi-Fi connection after doing updates on the Galaxy Tab 10.1. In response, Samsung said that they were aware of the situation and work to find a solution. In fact, the Korean-based company that makes it sound as if the response is coming soon. For now, Samsung has decided to pull the update in the hope that he will be able to repair and update the appropriate released at a later time.

This is not the first time Samsung interesting updates that have been issued. You may recall in August, Samsung released updated TouchWiz. This update should be suspended right in the middle of this update is issued due to some bugs in the tablets. Hopefully previous experience allows Samsung to quickly find the problem and continue the update for owners of Samsung GALAXY Tab 10.1.

Reviews of Android 4.0 Landed On the Whole Sony Ericsson Xperia

Last month, Sony Ericsson suggests, through Facebook, that Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich will be coming soon to the ranks of Xperia smartphones.

"We can confirm today that we plan to upgrade the entire portfolio of 2011 Xperia into the next version of Android, known as Android 4.0 or Ice Cream Sandwich," the company wrote in a blog post this morning.

  "We are working on combining our experience with the Xperia when the new features in Android 4.0." Update will include all the Xperia Arc, Xperia Play, Pro and Xperia, and the Live Walkman ", he added.

Looks like this is one way that will be developed by Sony Ericsson suapaya be better, in satisfying the user's smartphone devices or their gadgets.

Reviews of Will Microsoft Windows 8 To Develop Smartphone

On Tuesday, at a meeting of shareholders of Microsoft, Steve Ballmer as the CEO of Microsoft's expressed intention to develop Windows 8 for smartphones. Ballmer responded to questions about whether we have seen the post-PC era and began to respond by saying that there will always be in the era of Windows. He added that Microsoft plans to "bring the windows to mobile phones with Windows 8".

While Microsoft has stated the goal is to unify the desktop and mobile platforms, there is no Windows version 8 to discuss the handset-until now. And while the Windows version 8 which will be used on a smartphone will probably be a lot different than the one on the PC, most likely they will share with the NT kernel is the heart of Microsoft's desktop OS.

If a smartphone running Windows 8 starts, it will be easier to port software such as Microsoft applications between devices. Earlier this year, Microsoft said it would develop a Windows version 8 for tablet and it will not adopt an OS for mobile devices such as other people have done (IOS, Android). Speculation is Samsung, HTC and others have been working on a tablet that will run on Windows 8.

News of Google Voice Update a Presents New Features

Google Voice has just received a new update in the Android Market which brings some improvements and changes. The most popular and frequently requested is the ability to send text messages to multiple users. And now Google through the Google Voice has included a request to its users.

The new update also allows us to prefetch can listen to voicemail so Pls That data coverage is not available, also increase of the text message alerts. To get this latest update, notification Will be too directly or through a scan QRcode on your Android device. For Those Who Do not already have this application on the Android smartphone you please visit the Android Market.

Rumor of Sony Preparing Your Own Tv Channels

Sony appears ready to face the tough competition in the technology era now. Once rumored to be making smart TV platform itself, it looks like Sony was not kidding about all things smelly TV. Currently Sony is reaching other business is to launch its own cable TV service. Even the tv cord can be connected to all devices such as smartphones gadgets from Sony PlayStation to his.

As is related to competition on cable tv, from the same rumors about Microsoft's and Google's desire That Will also have its own TV channel it. Sony has positioned themselves well, adding IPTV services including sports with the ability of the connection the between the TV and PS3

In general, this has not been confirmed Sony is clear. Let's wait competition is to fight the giants in making its own TV channel.