Friday, November 11, 2011

Download Kidkeylock Free Software to Lock the Keys Keyboard and Mouse

When we have a sister or a young child, usually they like to play with a keyboard or computer mouse. If the computer is still active, when they were pressing a key on the keyboard can sometimes be troublesome, because it could erase the data or create processes that are running into trouble. This can be overcome by free software KidKeyLock.

This simple program serves to lock the keyboard and mouse, although at a click or a keyboard button is pressed carelessly, windows will not respond or respond to it, so it is very useful if small children often play with the keyboard.

Applications for Windows 2000, XP, Vista and windows 7 is in addition to its small size and it's free, there is also a portable version. Very easy to use, after it is executed, then the program will be in the bottom right corner of the screen (system tray) in the form of the icon with key images. To activate or lock the keyboard, just click the icon and select the desired menu.

Some KidKeyLock features include:
There is a portable version, so it can be directly executed without the need to install
Ease of access through the tray icon
Lock Mouse, covering the left, center, right, double-click and scroll in the mouse (or we can all choose each button)
Lock the keyboard keys, including the Standard (letters, numbers, punctuation), additional buttons (home, del, ins, etc.), and Windows shortcut (alt-tab, windows key, etc.)
When the keyboard keys in the lock, we can open the lock by clicking the program icon and choose "Lock no keys". If the mouse button is also in non-disabled, then to open it we have to use a combination of keys on the keyboard that we can set in advance through the menu "setup". More information please visit the website KidKeyLock.

Available version of the installer (you must install first to run it) and also a portable version (in the zip, we just open the zip and extract its contents, then refer to the bin folder and run the file kidkeylock.exe). Please be selected according to our needs, because of its function the same. As noted above, this program can be run on Windows 2000, XP, Vista and Windows 7.

Download the installer version KidKeyLock_setup.exe (757 KB) or Portable version (536 KB)

Android Tablet Kids Will Available at Toys R Us

New Android UI Firefox Promises and Performance How many people who buy a tablet that eventually only played by children? Maybe because there are many games on the Android market that cater to young children and also a tablet user interface is quite easy to remember by children. Seeing the opportunity, will soon be available tablets Prophet backed Android OS in stores Toys R Us around the world.

Actually, the Prophet was not the first tablet made ​​for small children, but sophisticated enough to help developers to create applications like Fuhu education. With a 7-inch screen and comes with a 533MHz processor, this tablet can help math and reading skills of children with special application options Prophet of about 500.

One application of the Prophet would give access to Fooz Kids University who will assist them with 22 thousand kinds of math problems. There are also applications that will foster creativity, interactive and e-book. The Prophet will be coming soon in December with a pre-order price of $ 200. faster

Reviews of Firefox Android Promises New UI and Faster Performance

Mozilla has decided to provide full service to the users of Android by making various changes. To that end, Firefox uses XUL created a multiplatform toolkit for designing widgets and various elements in the user interface. However, the toolkit will be used in the Java programming language is more simple and lightweight.

This will bring changes not only in the view and different experiences, but also will speed up load time and performance. This change also will make Firefox display looks like the applications you normally use in Android, and of course will further customize the look of Ice Cream Sandwich.

News of Apple Patent Increased 3 Again

Patent on the use of technology and the development of Apple's growing again. This time the third patent, which was won by the company once headed by the late Steve Jobs. Dual OLED backlighting system for the iPad the future, an integrated speaker for iPod nano, and technology Swipe gestures on the IOS device.

From DigiTimes report claims Apple is considering alternative backlighting system with dual-LED designs for the iPad 3. PatentlyApple outline the details of an application that uses OLED iPad not only in the future, but also potentially in the next-gen iPhone, Cinema Display, MacBook, and iMac.

The report also claims Apple mentions television technology Apple will also use AMOLED, and has been supplied by one manufacturer in Asia. Furthermore, the iPod nano and iPod Shuffle. PatentlyApple using Kapton polyimide film in speaker design that integrates with the iPod Nano later. It will surely be welcomed by the users iPod nano later. Finally, the patent on the feature "Hold-Swipe" which allows us to manipulate objects in order to improve visibility. Movement that seems particularly suited for smaller displays where movement of the finger like a pinch.

Looks like Apple, already a step ahead, and ready to fight next year on patent technology with its competitors.

Reviews of HumanForm a Future Concept Smartphone Nokia Other

Nokia showcased the concept of future smartphones with a display that can be bent last month, but there are other sightings and named HumanForm we can see a moment in our video demo. Aside from being able to do things like rotate to browse and bent to enlarge.

HumanForm will include the interaction of movement, so you can shake the phone to navigate us back, touching the outer casing to cause sensitivitas.Smartphone will also include awareness of the mood of the users of this smartphone is using the concept of electro-tactile mode, where we could really feel the picture.

Of course, the show features that can be bent open the first of Nokia. The technology will be more interesting, because in addition to its smartphone that can be bent to the appearance of elastic will reduce the impact of physical damage to your smartphone.