Friday, November 11, 2011

Download Kidkeylock Free Software to Lock the Keys Keyboard and Mouse

When we have a sister or a young child, usually they like to play with a keyboard or computer mouse. If the computer is still active, when they were pressing a key on the keyboard can sometimes be troublesome, because it could erase the data or create processes that are running into trouble. This can be overcome by free software KidKeyLock.

This simple program serves to lock the keyboard and mouse, although at a click or a keyboard button is pressed carelessly, windows will not respond or respond to it, so it is very useful if small children often play with the keyboard.

Applications for Windows 2000, XP, Vista and windows 7 is in addition to its small size and it's free, there is also a portable version. Very easy to use, after it is executed, then the program will be in the bottom right corner of the screen (system tray) in the form of the icon with key images. To activate or lock the keyboard, just click the icon and select the desired menu.

Some KidKeyLock features include:
There is a portable version, so it can be directly executed without the need to install
Ease of access through the tray icon
Lock Mouse, covering the left, center, right, double-click and scroll in the mouse (or we can all choose each button)
Lock the keyboard keys, including the Standard (letters, numbers, punctuation), additional buttons (home, del, ins, etc.), and Windows shortcut (alt-tab, windows key, etc.)
When the keyboard keys in the lock, we can open the lock by clicking the program icon and choose "Lock no keys". If the mouse button is also in non-disabled, then to open it we have to use a combination of keys on the keyboard that we can set in advance through the menu "setup". More information please visit the website KidKeyLock.

Available version of the installer (you must install first to run it) and also a portable version (in the zip, we just open the zip and extract its contents, then refer to the bin folder and run the file kidkeylock.exe). Please be selected according to our needs, because of its function the same. As noted above, this program can be run on Windows 2000, XP, Vista and Windows 7.

Download the installer version KidKeyLock_setup.exe (757 KB) or Portable version (536 KB)

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