Friday, November 11, 2011

Reviews of HumanForm a Future Concept Smartphone Nokia Other

Nokia showcased the concept of future smartphones with a display that can be bent last month, but there are other sightings and named HumanForm we can see a moment in our video demo. Aside from being able to do things like rotate to browse and bent to enlarge.

HumanForm will include the interaction of movement, so you can shake the phone to navigate us back, touching the outer casing to cause sensitivitas.Smartphone will also include awareness of the mood of the users of this smartphone is using the concept of electro-tactile mode, where we could really feel the picture.

Of course, the show features that can be bent open the first of Nokia. The technology will be more interesting, because in addition to its smartphone that can be bent to the appearance of elastic will reduce the impact of physical damage to your smartphone.

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