Friday, November 11, 2011

Android Tablet Kids Will Available at Toys R Us

New Android UI Firefox Promises and Performance How many people who buy a tablet that eventually only played by children? Maybe because there are many games on the Android market that cater to young children and also a tablet user interface is quite easy to remember by children. Seeing the opportunity, will soon be available tablets Prophet backed Android OS in stores Toys R Us around the world.

Actually, the Prophet was not the first tablet made ​​for small children, but sophisticated enough to help developers to create applications like Fuhu education. With a 7-inch screen and comes with a 533MHz processor, this tablet can help math and reading skills of children with special application options Prophet of about 500.

One application of the Prophet would give access to Fooz Kids University who will assist them with 22 thousand kinds of math problems. There are also applications that will foster creativity, interactive and e-book. The Prophet will be coming soon in December with a pre-order price of $ 200. faster

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