Saturday, November 12, 2011

Tips for File or Folder Can Not be Accessed in Windows Vista or 7

For those of us who are used to using Windows XP and then migrate to Windows 7, may be having some problems. One of them when we get a file from another computer or from the internet sometimes these files can not we open it, copy, delete and other access (Access denied), even though we are already logged in with administrator privileges. Why does this happen and how to solve it?

Windows Vista and Windows 7 implement safety (security) is more than the previous windows, one of which the access control to files or objects on the computer. Only the user, group or computer has been given permission to the file can access it. The goal is to better secure your computer from unauthorized users accessing files / specific object, although this is sometimes inconvenient (because even if we login and have access rights administrators, we still can not access it)

When we get a file from outside our computer then we can not open it, delete or even to copy, most likely, this file does not have users or user groups to allow access. To check this we can right-click this file and select Properties, then see the Security tab.

From the above shows that this file is no user or group is allowed to access it. Thus opening the file, delete or copy files will not work.
Give File Permissions

To overcome the above, we must add a user or group that has access to the file. The trick as follows:
Right-click the file and select properties (we must have access rights administrators), then open the Security tab
Click the Edit button, then Security settings will appear
Click the Add button to add the user (user / group)

If we want everyone to be able to access, can we add user everyone, or we add to our course, in accordance with the user being logged. Click Check Names to check that we enter the registered or not
Once a user is added, then we can set the permissions to be granted, such as: Modify, Read & Execute, Read, Write also Special Permission.

Then click OK, and should this file we can access in accordance with the privileges we give
If we do not have administrator permissions or file permissions, then we will not be allowed to change the permissions of this file.

Reveiws of Root Motorola RAZR Droid on Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread

Maybe Motorola RAZR Droid is not yet present in Indonesia. But it may have been many who have a Motorola RAZR Droid can be bought from abroad. Here we want we try to share a tutorial for rooting the Motorola RAZR.

This tutorial we quoted from And do this by way of rooting own risk. we are also not responsible if you make a mistake resulting in the total dead and bricked or others. Which would also guarantee forfeited after you do the rooting.

Here are the steps:

Download and install Motorola Drivers for Windows PCs for 32-bit version  here, and for 64-bit  here.
Download MotorolaOnceClickRoot_psouza  here and extract the file (it's recommended to use 7-zip).
From Motorola RAZR Droid's homescreen, click on the menu and enable USB Debugging from Settings> Applications> Development.
Connect the Droid Motorola RAZR to the PC and select Charge Only option from the notification.
Navigate to the folder where you extract the files MotorolaOnceClickRoot_psouza earlier. Follow the instructions to complete. When it is finished do not forget to reboot.
It should if you do these steps correctly, then the Motorola RAZR Droid you are already in the condition it was too root. Hopefully the tips useful.

News of Fuel Music Now Officially Present in Appworld

After only present in the beta version on the BlackBerry Beta Zone, now BBM Music is really present in appworld. Fuel Music makes your music collection right now we can enjoy through the BlackBerry security features, fuel. With the Music of gasoline, we can create a profile of music, favorite songs on the fuel share with friends so that we can listen to your favorite music, and others.

That means the more friends we can have, through connections BM Music., With a wide choice on offer, we can listen to music as a whole, create playlists, to have a conversation about music, and even listen to music offline.

Check in  Appworld, and get your BBM Music on BlackBerry. And you must have OS 5.0 to the top in order to enjoy music via BBM.

Reviews of Virus Removal Tool a McAfee Avert Stinger

If the files infected with viruses, some antivirus usually only able to detect the virus without being able to fix the file. Some local virus may still be overcome with such local antivirus PCMAV, Ansav and others. But for the particular virus that has spread in a multinational scale, usually require special tools.

Although the antivirus can detect viruses it, but sometimes can not fix it. It does not mean antivirus is incomplete, but it may be indeed that file is already beyond repair. Or usually made tools / separate programs which can be downloaded for free that is specific to repair infected files. Like McAfee, the virus remover, Afert McAfee Stinger.

Tools are designed specifically to handle the popular viruses that infect many in cyberspace. As with Avast Virus Cleaner Tool. The advantages of this tool is to be portable (no install), and sufficiently accurate for viruses that have entered the list. But this is not a replacement for an antivirus tool, only as a complement to handle a particular virus that has infected the system.

In this version (release August 12, 2008), McAfee Avert Stinger is able to detect as many as 228 viruses popular, some of which are viruses that infect exe. Here are some of the facilities included in the McAfee Avert Stinger is:

Detect and repair infected system files or viruses (there are 228 viruses)

Scan boot sector and Process (application or library that is running)

Scan compressed files and exe files that can be extracted

Views are very simple and easy to use

Download  McAfee Virus Stinger v10.0.0.441 [2,204,679 bytes] (8/12/2008). More information and a list of viruses that can be handled can be viewed directly in the application / program or can also see the following link

Download the Latest Version AVG Antivirus Free Edition 2012

VG Antivirus is one of the antivirus providers are quite popular, mainly because it provides a free version of antivirus and antivirus is one of the most widely downloaded (at, AVG Antivirus Free 2012. In this new version of AVG meyertakan various fixes and performance improvements over previous versions.
In addition to releasing AVG Free, 2012, the paid version has also been signed antivirus 2012 version (AVG Antivirus and Internet Security). What's new in this 2012 version?

AVG states that this new version, the size of virus database has been reduced by 40% from the previous, thus reducing disk space usage. In addition, when running, process (a kind of application in the background) that runs initially reduced by 16 to 11 processes now, so AVG states that the use of memory (RAM) is reduced about 20% from the previous version, including the influential to the process of booting the computer more quickly.

In addition to increased performance, the new version of this antivirus comes with a fresh interface, although the placement of the menu is still relatively the same. 2012 AVG Free also includes several tools or features in addition to antivirus, including:
Analyze your PC, the components to perform a scan of the registry errors, unused files, broken shortcuts also framgentasi.

AVG Advisor, Monitoring tool to inform users when a web browser using too much memory (RAM), which in turn offers to restart its
AVG Linkscanner, is an additional tool for the web browser will check the visited link is safe or not
AVG Accelerator, to speed up streaming videos on youtube and when downloaded from
Some other tools like mail protection, Anti-Rootkit, Identity Protection, Family Safety and LiveKive
It should be noted that the size of the installer version is fairly sizable at around 150 MB (for the 32 bytes for 64 bit version and even 170 MB). This is likely because of the many tools that are added in it. AVG Free Edition 2012 can be run on the Windows XP operating system (at least Service Pack 2), Windows XP 64 bit, Windows Vista and Windows 7 (both 32 bit and 64 bit).

Download AVG Antivirus Free 2012 (150 MB)

 Main Link AVG (available version 32 bit and 64 bit)
 Alternative link from FileHippo (150 MB, 32 bit)