Saturday, November 12, 2011

Reviews of Virus Removal Tool a McAfee Avert Stinger

If the files infected with viruses, some antivirus usually only able to detect the virus without being able to fix the file. Some local virus may still be overcome with such local antivirus PCMAV, Ansav and others. But for the particular virus that has spread in a multinational scale, usually require special tools.

Although the antivirus can detect viruses it, but sometimes can not fix it. It does not mean antivirus is incomplete, but it may be indeed that file is already beyond repair. Or usually made tools / separate programs which can be downloaded for free that is specific to repair infected files. Like McAfee, the virus remover, Afert McAfee Stinger.

Tools are designed specifically to handle the popular viruses that infect many in cyberspace. As with Avast Virus Cleaner Tool. The advantages of this tool is to be portable (no install), and sufficiently accurate for viruses that have entered the list. But this is not a replacement for an antivirus tool, only as a complement to handle a particular virus that has infected the system.

In this version (release August 12, 2008), McAfee Avert Stinger is able to detect as many as 228 viruses popular, some of which are viruses that infect exe. Here are some of the facilities included in the McAfee Avert Stinger is:

Detect and repair infected system files or viruses (there are 228 viruses)

Scan boot sector and Process (application or library that is running)

Scan compressed files and exe files that can be extracted

Views are very simple and easy to use

Download  McAfee Virus Stinger v10.0.0.441 [2,204,679 bytes] (8/12/2008). More information and a list of viruses that can be handled can be viewed directly in the application / program or can also see the following link

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