Saturday, November 12, 2011

Tips for File or Folder Can Not be Accessed in Windows Vista or 7

For those of us who are used to using Windows XP and then migrate to Windows 7, may be having some problems. One of them when we get a file from another computer or from the internet sometimes these files can not we open it, copy, delete and other access (Access denied), even though we are already logged in with administrator privileges. Why does this happen and how to solve it?

Windows Vista and Windows 7 implement safety (security) is more than the previous windows, one of which the access control to files or objects on the computer. Only the user, group or computer has been given permission to the file can access it. The goal is to better secure your computer from unauthorized users accessing files / specific object, although this is sometimes inconvenient (because even if we login and have access rights administrators, we still can not access it)

When we get a file from outside our computer then we can not open it, delete or even to copy, most likely, this file does not have users or user groups to allow access. To check this we can right-click this file and select Properties, then see the Security tab.

From the above shows that this file is no user or group is allowed to access it. Thus opening the file, delete or copy files will not work.
Give File Permissions

To overcome the above, we must add a user or group that has access to the file. The trick as follows:
Right-click the file and select properties (we must have access rights administrators), then open the Security tab
Click the Edit button, then Security settings will appear
Click the Add button to add the user (user / group)

If we want everyone to be able to access, can we add user everyone, or we add to our course, in accordance with the user being logged. Click Check Names to check that we enter the registered or not
Once a user is added, then we can set the permissions to be granted, such as: Modify, Read & Execute, Read, Write also Special Permission.

Then click OK, and should this file we can access in accordance with the privileges we give
If we do not have administrator permissions or file permissions, then we will not be allowed to change the permissions of this file.

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