Friday, July 22, 2011

Download HTC Status Driver and PC Sync

I'm certain all of us use our cellphone as a digital camera, MP3 participant, and so on. So we usually want to transfer photos from cellphone to some laptop, or transfer music from personal computer into a cellphone. If you are a HTC Status user and choose to make whole usage of attributes with your cellphone, you need to install the driver and Personal computer Sync with your computer system. - HTC Position data

The driver for HTC Status isn’t named driver, it's named HTC Sync. Right here is the lastest edition which happens to be HTC Sync 3.0.5551. I give the quick down load link to you. Copy the .exe file in your computer, then set up it by on-screen instruction. You can sync your HTC Position that has a personal computer with this program.

HTC Status driver and Computer Sync down load:


Set up the HTC Sync and driver for your HTC Standing, I'm guaranteed you will need it.

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