Thursday, July 21, 2011

Tips to Improve Battery Life on Google Nexus S

As mentioned previously, battery of Nexus S is fantastic even with quite a few multitasking apps operating inside the history, 3G enabled and so forth. But even now charging it every day might not be attainable for every consumer. In an effort to develop the battery living of Nexus S, abide by some basic steps revealed under:
1. Disable 3G

3G will take a lot of battery life. So, for anyone who is good not having 3G, just disable it. It is possible to achieve this by likely to Configurations > Wi-fi & Networks > Mobile Networks and check “Use Only 2G Networks” as revealed in the screenshot below.
2. Turn off GPS

Well, you might not know but normally GPS is enabled on most devices which consume battery. And same is the case with Nexus S. As a way to disable GPS, go to Configurations > Location & Security settings and disable GPS.
3. Reduce Screen Brightness

As you all know, Samsung Nexus S has Super AMOLED screen which requires a lot of power. Despite of being on auto brightness, the phone consumes a lot of battery as brightness keeps on changing. So, the best thing you may do is reduce the brightness by likely to Settings > Display > Brightness, disable auto brightness and reduce it.
4. Close Multitasking Applications

The more apps managing from the qualifications, the more battery it will drain. I know there is no straightforward way to close multitasking apps in Android but you'll be able to install an app called “Advanced Task Killer” from Android Market and close the applications you're not using.
5. Reduce Screen Timeout Settings

The longer your screen normally takes to go to sleep, the more batter it will consume. I know quite a few of you may possibly say that its not as effective but however can help you enhance your battery daily life. You could reduce Screen Timeout time by likely to Settings > Display > Screen Timeout and set it to 15 or 30 seconds.
6. Disable Auto Synching of Gmail and other applications

With Auto Sync enabled, the phone automatically fetches emails, tweets and other accounts data after each few minutes. Disabling the Auto Sync feature can surely help. To disable Auto Sync, go to Configurations > Account and Sync configurations and turn of Auto Sync.
7. Remove Live Wallpapers

Don’t use Live Wallpapers. And I don’t think I need to give any explanation regarding this :) . Tap on homescreen for 2-3 seconds and menu will popup, and you are able to change the wallpaper from that menu.
Hope this helps. The trick worked for me and following the measures stated above really improved battery everyday living of my Nexus S. In the event you know any other thing which can help boost battery daily life, please share using comments section under.

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