Friday, November 11, 2011

News of Apple Patent Increased 3 Again

Patent on the use of technology and the development of Apple's growing again. This time the third patent, which was won by the company once headed by the late Steve Jobs. Dual OLED backlighting system for the iPad the future, an integrated speaker for iPod nano, and technology Swipe gestures on the IOS device.

From DigiTimes report claims Apple is considering alternative backlighting system with dual-LED designs for the iPad 3. PatentlyApple outline the details of an application that uses OLED iPad not only in the future, but also potentially in the next-gen iPhone, Cinema Display, MacBook, and iMac.

The report also claims Apple mentions television technology Apple will also use AMOLED, and has been supplied by one manufacturer in Asia. Furthermore, the iPod nano and iPod Shuffle. PatentlyApple using Kapton polyimide film in speaker design that integrates with the iPod Nano later. It will surely be welcomed by the users iPod nano later. Finally, the patent on the feature "Hold-Swipe" which allows us to manipulate objects in order to improve visibility. Movement that seems particularly suited for smaller displays where movement of the finger like a pinch.

Looks like Apple, already a step ahead, and ready to fight next year on patent technology with its competitors.

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