Friday, November 18, 2011

Download Software to Find Out Bad Sectors or Bad Blocks on the Harddisk

Hard drive is one of the most important devices in a computer. Operating system, or data stored in the hard disk. But for some reason, the disk itself may be damaged so that we can not use. Therefore, we should still keep your hard drive does not become damaged. There are several ways to avoid damage to the hard drive, such as by creating partitions on the disk itself. However, the name of an object remains there age restrictions, although it has been maintained and cared for it will be damaged due to age.

Damage to the hard drive could be bad sectors or bad blocks. There are bad sectors even this level there is a permanent and some are not. To know that the disk is exposed to bad sectors, we sometimes find it difficult. Is usually done by opening a command [check now] through properties on the drive or partition that you want to do checks sectornya bad. The trick is:

Right-click on the partition that would in his check bad sectors> and then select Properties.
Properties window appears, on the tab [tools] click [check now].
In the window that appears check the [automatically fix file system errors] and [Scan for and Attempt recovery of bad sectors]> click start.

Besides using the above manner, can also be done by using software to find bad blocks or bad sectors on hard drive. DTI software is the artificial surface of scanner. If my friend interested can download or download it HERE.

Once installed, then run the program.
Select I agree to the disclaimer to continue the program
Click the Mount button to display a flat disk attached to the computer.
Select or click the hard disk and click the [scan] to start the bad blocks scanning.
In the event of bad sectors or bad blocks it will be seen in the bad blocks list.

Given the importance of the disk is We Can Itself should solve the problem of the hard drive.

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