Sunday, November 13, 2011

Tips for Enabling Features Windows 7 Aero Snap

One of the advantages of aero windows 7 is a snap. As the name implies aero snap feature can create a regular window on the left or right edge of the taskbar or your monitor. Thus we can see a window or window is currently active. If there are two active window, then it could be seen a second window or the window on the left and right.

The trick is to click and drag the selected window and left click and drag the other window to right. Can also use the commands from the keyboard. Click the window that will snap to the left, then press the [windows] [left arrow]. Click the window only then press the [windows] [Right arrow]. Then the two windows will be visible all and divided equally. If you click and drag a window towards the top right corner, then automatically the window or windows will be maximize.

To maximize can be done with a combination of the [windows] [Up arrow], and to minimize using the key combination [Windows] [down arrow]

To enable this feature can aero snap followed the steps as follows:
Click the start menu and type regedit and press enter
In the registry editor window, go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Control Panel \ Desktop
In the right pane locate and double-click WindowArrangementActive
The contents of the data value to 1 then click OK
To disable the aero snap feature content of its data value to 0
Close the registry editor window
Restart or log off computers.

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