Sunday, November 13, 2011

How to Change the Background Screen Log on Windows 7

Log on screen usually appears when booting windows or be shutdown. Background on the log on screen can be replaced with other images as you wish. For example a picture of yourself or landscape pictures and so forth so that it can make the characteristic that it is you own computer.

In windows 7, background or image log on screen can be replaced by:

Click start and type regedit then press enter to enter the registry editor window
Once the registry editor window opens, go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Authentication \ LogonUI \ Background
In the right pane, locate and double-click on OEMBackground and then change the value data to 1.
If there is no OEMBackground can make your own by right click> New> DWORD Value 32-bit> rename it OEMBackground.
Close the regedit window.
Prepare images to be used as background log on screen. Image with size 24 bit color depth and file size should not exceed 256 KB.
Name the image file with the name BackgroundDefault.jpg. To change the format and image size could be a friend to use the program or image processing applications.
Copy and paste the picture on the directory C: \ Windows \ System32 \ oobe \ info \ backgrounds. If no please make your own.
Close the active window and restart or log off computers. When the Windows log on background that buddy pairs had appeared.

How? able and easy is not it??!! If not successful, or friend would like a more simple and easy, without opening the registry and no image format, just a few clicks have become, my friend can use the software to modify and change the background log on screen on windows 7. To compensate for shobat download on the link below.

Link download software to change the background log on screen:

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