Sunday, November 13, 2011

Trick for Troubleshooting CPU Usage 100% on Explorer.exe

At some time ago I can e-mail containing a question about computer problems that the core question is as follows: 

"Why is the process explorer.exe services CPUnya Usage always 100%" 

Having never experienced, then try to find solutions to these problems along with stained gugel. From the search results solving the problems that I do, it turns out it was caused by a disturbance in the windows which caused windows explorer to read the entire contents of the AVI file that caused by a problem in shmedia.dll. And ways to overcome this is as below: 

Login to the windows regedit by typing regedit in the run menu and then press enter. 
Sign in HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT \ CLSID \ {c5a40261-cd64-4ccf-84cb-c394da41d590} \ InProcServer32 
Right click on the InProcServer32 then select Export and save (it is used for backing up files InProcServer32 and can be used to restore kekondisi before changed) 
Remove the InProcServer32 key (this is intended to prevent the windows explorer in running shmedia.dll) 
Close the editor window tegistry 
Restart the computer. 
For the above trick might not work because I myself have never experienced and have not tried it myself directly. If not managed to return again with a backup regedit that has been made earlier by double clicking on the backup that you saved. Can also try to scan from Grisoft's AVG antivirus, or use tools such as Norman malware malware remover cleaner and Hijack this and should be done in SAFE MODE condition. 

For those who have problems like the above, after trying to trick it, requested to give his experience in the comments box below, to the tune still useful to computer users who experience the same problem. 

Hopefully useful ...

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