Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Download MyMobileCoverage the BlackBerry Application To Test Network and Connections

One free application that is really interesting for BlackBerry smartphones called MyMobileCoverage. This application allows us to obtain various information about the network, connections and know our phone calls or data network capacity. so that we can visualize the call, connection speed data, voice quality, and other metrics from a variety of applications.

This application has several features that are enough of them are: View the status of the network signal strength directly from the operator, can see the signal strength and network in a place, can see the actual 3G coverage and identify trouble spots Rate the quality of your voice, share statistics about the network and the connection with the operator.

For those of you BlackBerry users and want to use any MyMobileCoverage applications, must use OS 4.5 first. The application is free in Appworld.

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