Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Tips for Sending vCards Through Contacts with OS 6 and OS 7 BlackBerry

Ever when we are asked to provide a business card or a card but it turned out? Are there times when we want to send a number, email, and the pin for a friend but do not want to be too complicated to type it all? Now, if some of these situations we experience, not to worry anymore, because by using the BlackBerry can make it very simple to share your contact information. This is the perfect alternative to copy and paste or try to scan the barcode PIN. Using vCards via OS 6 and OS 7

The first thing we do is have to arrange contact. Then move on to the message vCard (. Vcf) that the recipient will be able to download directly to their contact lists. VCard is an electronic version of business cards and basically all the information that we put at the beginning (name, phone number, email address), in a format that can be shared with colleagues. So next time if we want to exchange information via BlackBerry by following the following steps:

There are two very easy ways to submit: directly from the contact list, or by attaching it to the open message (such as Text, BBM, PIN, email). Who received the message would have to open a message, view attachments and add it to contact them all with just a few clicks.

Then from the home screen, click on the contacts application. Navigate to the contact name or do we want to send and press the menu key and select Send Contact Card. Next, select the method that we want in sending it whether via email, PIN, text messaging, Bluetooth (OS7), or through the fuel. To email and PIN messages, new message box will appear with a small book icon while text messaging is illustrated through such a small card.

The next time we meet someone, and want to ask for business cards, now do not have to bother anymore, because by optimizing vCards via BlackBerry with OS Os 6 and 7.

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