Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Reviews of Nvidia Merge CPU and GPU Technology Processor Maximus

Nvidia To commemorate 25 years of dabbling in the world of technology, today announced the Maximus Nvidia technology, which is a merger between the CPU and GPU in one card. The goal is quite simple, namely to increase productivity by using one system to handle graphics and the whole process in a computer system. So Nvidia will not only offer the look of it, but also the ability to run all your commands.

By combining 3D graphics are quite superb Quadro GPUs with the Tesla C2075 processors, Nvidia will be able to provide cool process with Maximus optimized applications, such as Adobe and Bunkspeed that will be available in the near future. "The technology is very precise Nvidia maximus used for those who want a workstation," said Jeff Brown, general manager, Professional Solutions Group, NVIDIA.

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