Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Rumor of Smartphone Nokia Too Expensive

Nokia is trying to improve his position in the ranks of the smartphone. After nearly a decade in power, Noka had fallen. And now Nokia tried to get up by presenting a variant smartphone. Starting from the use of technology Symbian, MeeGo, until the most gress is windows phone.

As we know Nokia has just launched the N9, and will likely be followed by windows phone nokia smartphone. But this is getting a response from Simone Lee-Smith, general manager of Telefonica who said Nokia smartphones too mahal.Memang, several Nokia devices, such as N9 had known the price, as well as leaks from Nokia Lumia 800 price that will make use of OS Windows Phone.

"If Nokia wants to sell its products, they must sell it at a competitive cost, and at the right price point". He added.

When Stephen Elop on stage and expose uan vision and mission of Nokia, at Nokia World conference revealed some of the past 800 Windows Phone Lumia, will be sold at a price around 420 EUR (around $ 584). In fact, the price remains a factor that will participate in the competition. Nokia do have to think hard for this. When the Android-based smartphones, sold at bargain prices, Nokia may have to redesign the smartphone prices.

In Indonesia alone, the Nokia N9, for example, released at a price of about 5 million, during the pre-order. But we wait for other products from Nokia, whether they will implement a competitive price to get back control of the smartphone market.

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