Tuesday, November 8, 2011

News of Panorama Mode Now Can Be Used in IOS 5

Now iPhone users no longer need to use the application from the Apple App Store just to get a panoramic view on the ability of your iPhone camera. Some jailbreakers have found ways to enable Apple IOS 5 and presents Panorama feature that lets users take pictures with the panoramic view on the Apple device.

But first we need a jailbroken iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, and then we will need to do a few simple steps to activate the Panorama mode when taking photos. Users only need to turn on panoramic mode by clicking on the panorama on the choice, then move the IOS device as shown below.

There has been no word from Apple to do the testing, in the meantime if you are interested please jailbreak the iPhone, iPod or your iPad. And for those of you who want to follow the steps to jailbreak to get the panorama from Apple pengakat you can click here

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